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Fire Alarms for the Deaf
in Cardiff

Don’t depend on sirens to raise the alarm – invest in vibrating pagers, too.

You can use them to alert those with hearing impairments if there’s a fire. Or you can pre-program them as staff pagers, to let employees know when there’s a fire, fault or scheduled maintenance work due.

It’s easy to link vibrating pagers to your fire alarm system. You can connect them to your computer, too, to keep a log of all alerts, faults, errors and messages sent to the pagers.

Our fire pagers have a multitude of alerts; they can sound, vibrate or display alpha-numeric text. Complete with an out of range indicator, a low battery alert and a coverage area of 10,000 sq. ft., they’re great for keeping staff fully equipped and complying with the Disability Discrimination Act and Equality Act 2010.

Comply with the Disability Discrimination Act and Equality Act 2010

  • Issue them to staff members and site visitor with hearing impairments

Range of alerts

  • Sounder, vibrations and alpha-numeric display


  • Low battery warning and out of range indicator

Keep track of alerts

  • Connects to computers so you can keep a fault, alert and message log

Reminders and alerts

  • Letting staff know about system faults and scheduled maintenance work

Fire Alarms in Cardiff – Why Us?

  • Proven Experience! Over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

  • Payment Plans Available! Your plan will be arranged with your budget in mind.

  • Nationwide Coverage! Complete Fire Alarm Installations across the whole UK.

Why Choose Fire Alarms in Cardiff?

  • Proven Experience! Over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

  • Flexible Payment Plans Available! Your plan will be arranged with your budget in mind.

  • Full and National Coverage! Complete fire alarm installations across the whole UK.



I had an alarm fitted to my rental property. The service was quick and professional. Faultless.
Mr A.Edwards