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Fire Marshal Training

Fire Marshal Training
in Cardiff

Train staff to be fire wardens in half a day with one of our fire marshal training courses. They take just 4 hours to complete, and can be attended by up to 12 members of staff at a time. Full certification will be issued upon course completion.

All training takes place at your business location, to minimise the business interruption.

Share the responsibility of fire safety in your building by training fire wardens.

Once trained, your fire marshals will be able to conduct all future risk assessments; speed up emergency evacuations; and provide other employees with fire safety training. They’re an essential investment for any company.

Fire marshal training courses cover:

Basic fire risk assessments

    • How to conduct risk assessments for your business

Fire extinguisher training and practice

    • Your extinguishers will be refilled if discharged

Tailored modules

    • Specific to your business risks

Emergency evacuations

  • Including assembly point training

Fire Alarms in Cardiff – Why Us?

  • Proven Experience! Over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

  • Payment Plans Available! Your plan will be arranged with your budget in mind.

  • Nationwide Coverage! Complete Fire Alarm Installations across the whole UK.

Why Choose Fire Alarms in Cardiff?

  • Proven Experience! Over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

  • Flexible Payment Plans Available! Your plan will be arranged with your budget in mind.

  • Full and National Coverage! Complete fire alarm installations across the whole UK.



I would recommend the sheer professionalism of The Fire Protection Company, I can't fault the quality of service we received.
Mr V.Jones